Monday, December 7, 2009

Chemistry SPM 2009 Spotted Topics (Updated)

Dear students, below are lists of topics that I think are important and might be asked in this year Chemistry SPM exam papers. Paper 1 will cover all topics from form 4 and form 5. The spotted topics below are for both Paper 2 and Paper 3.

1. Empirical formula – study for both CuO and MgO
- Precautions when carry out the experiment
- Draw set-up of apparatus
- Observation
- Calculation in determining the empirical formula

2. Periodic Table
- Group 1 element – both physical and chemical properties
- Group 18 element – physical properties and uses
- Transition element – special characteristics
- Amphoteric

3. Carbon compound
- Alkane
- Alkene
- how to prepare ester - when an ester is given, you should be able to name the
alcohol and
carboxylic acid used

4. Chemical bond
- Describe formation of ionic and covalent bond
- Conductivity of electric and heat
- Solubility in water and organic solvent

5. Redox reaction
- Explain the process of rusting
- Define term of Redox reaction

6. Electrolysis
- Chemical cell
- Define term of chemical cell

7. Soap and detergent
- How to make soap
- Advantages and disadvantages of soap and detergent
- Process of cleansing action

8. Contact process and Haber process
- uses of sulphuric aced
- uses of ammonia
- industrial process of ammonia

9. Thermochemistry
- Heat of displacement/ precipitation – same concept in calculation
- Heat of combustion

10. Salt
- Prepare soluble salt or insoluble salt – learn to draw apparatus set up
- Indentify anion or cation in a given solution

11. Rate of reaction
- Factor of catalyst
- Factor of temperature

12. Manufactured substances in industry
- Uses of alloy, glass and polymers

13. Experiment of vulcanized and unvulcanized rubber

There is no guarantee that which topics will come out in Paper 2 or Paper 3. Anyway, there is no harm for you to focus on the above topics because they are really popular exam topics. I will make a post particularly for Paper 3 spotted experiment, just like what I did for Biology Paper 3. I hope this will help narrow down the number of spotted experiment in Paper 3. Please come back later tonight or tomorrow for my latest update. In order to receive post update notification, just subscribe to my blog.

I wish you all the best and study hard. Don’t give up until the last day!


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