Sunday, September 20, 2009


The “Chemistry: SPM Tips And Helps” blog is created with the purpose to help Form 4 and Form 5 science students from Malaysia in their study in chemistry subject.

My main approach in helping the students is through provide further explanation in problems solving questions. Most of the questions in work books only give answers without further explanation on how to get the given answer. So, I am here to try my best to help to the students in answering their questions, like

* how to get the answer
* why that kind answer is given
* how to calculate the question
* and so on…

I will also provide some general tips in coming SPM examination on chemistry and some answering techniques that can help the students to score better in the SPM examination.

In order to begin my post, I will start with explaining the problem solving questions asked by my own students. I want to thank my beloved students because of their encouragement and support for me to create this blog. I hope my effort not only helping them in their chemistry study but also to all the students who studies chemistry in high school level.

If you need my assistance in explaining your problem solving questions in chemistry, please visit Need My Help? I will try my best to help you, of course with FREE of charge.

If you find my blog useful, I would truly appreciate if you can share my blog with your friends.

Wishing you all the best! And good luck in your SPM examination.

All the best to your success,

Nico Bella


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