Friday, November 13, 2009

Tactic That You Can Use To Score Better In Chemistry (Part 4)

Hi again, I hope you are doing well with your revision. By this time, you should completed Plan B. Now let’s see what you should do in Plan C. In Plan C, you will be answering all the essay questions in Paper 2, Section B and Section C.

Since you don’t have so much time left, I suggest that you learn straight from the answer given. Below are steps that you can follow:

Step 1: Read and understand the essay question
Step 2: Underline or circle the action word/keyword in the question so that you know what to
Step 3: Go through the answer given
Step 4: Underline or circle the main point/keyword in each paragraph of the answer
Step 5: Remember the main point/keyword and then understand the answer given
Step 6: Rewrite the essay based on the main point/keyword that you have memorized without
referring back to the answer
Step 7: Check the essay you wrote with the answer given
Step 8: If you get your answer correct, then repeat the steps above with a new essay question. If
your answer is wrong, rewrite the essay.

When you go through the answer given, please make sure that you understand the answer. If you not sure or feel that the answer is incorrect, you should always check back in the reference books or check with your chemistry teacher.

Lastly, Plan D is that you set a day and doing a full set of the question papers following the exact time given in answering the SPM Chemistry Exam paper.

Well, that’s all about the tactics that you can use in order to score better in SPM. I will compile some spotted questions for this coming SPM Chemistry 2009 in my coming post. Just subscribe to my blog so that you know when I update my blog.

All the best to you!


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