Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spotted topics for Paper 3 2010

Below are some spotted topics/experiment for Paper 3. Again, there is no guarantee that the experiment listed below will come out. Anyway, just try your best to study. Good luck to you.

1. Experiment about naphthalene: to determine the melting point and freezing points of naphthalene

2. Group 17: to investigate the chemical properties of Group 17 elements

3. Period 3: to investigate the properties of oxides of elements in Period 3

4. Salts: to construct an ionic equation for the formation of lead(II) chromate(VI)

5. Manufactured substances in industry: to compare the hardness of a pure metal and its alloy;  to compare the rate of rusting of iron, steel and stainless steel

6. Rate of reaction: factor of concentration, temperature and catalyst

7. Carbon compound: to investigate the elasticity of natural rubber and vulcanised rubber

8. Thermochemistry: Heat of precipation/displacement/combustion

9. Oxidation and reduction: U-tube/ displacement of halogen

10. Chemical bond: to compare the properties of ionic and covalent compounds

Please noticed that some topics are overlapped with Paper 2 tips. If any topics spotted for Paper 2 or 3 already come out in Paper 2, most probably it will not come in Paper 3 anymore. All the best to you.


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