Monday, November 29, 2010

Chemistry SPM 2010 Spotted Topics

Dear students, after praying for a few days, below are lists of topics that I think are important and might be asked in this year Chemistry SPM exam papers. Paper 1 will cover all topics from form 4 and form 5. The spotted topics below are for Paper 2.The spotted topics for Paper 3 will be coming soon.

1. Isotopes - learn everything about isotopes from how to identify isotopes to uses of isotopes

2. How ionic bond and covalent bond are form* MUST study this topic, learn to write in essay

3. Cooling curve of naphthalene - learn everything about the curve e.g why the temperature is constant, what is the energy change from one phase( solid, liquid or gas) to another, draw the arrangement of particles, explain in kinetic theory of matter

4. Calculation questions from Form4 Chapter 3 and 7 * MUST learn and understand the concept because once you understand the concept, you can answer the questions no matter how the questions is being asked.

5. Periodic Table - all parts can be asked in one question, e.g describe the position of an element, give example of diatomic molecule .....
- learn reactivity of Group 1 and 17 with water - know the chemical equation

6. Contact process/ Haber process/ composite material *MUST learn
    Go through also glass & ceramic and synthetic polymer if got time

7. Rate of reaction - temperature/ total surface area/ catalyst - learn to explain using collision theory

8. Carbon Compound - alkene/ alcohol - learn all the conversion regarding these two compoung
- coagulation of latex - learn the process and draw diagram

9. Oxidation and reduction - U-tube - oxidizing agent - acidified KMnO4 / acidified K2CrO7/ Cl2/ Br2; reducing agent - KI / FeSO4  ;  displacement of halide by halogen

10. Thermochemistry - displacement/precipitation,sketch energy level diagram* MUST learn
- learn also combustion, just in case because this heat of combustion never come in calculation for the past 5 years

11. Preparation of soap, explain cleansing action of soap and detergent in hard water/soft water, learn  to draw the diagrams as well

12. Electrolysis - type of electrode (copper electrode), compare electrolytic cell and voltaic cell

13. Preparation of salt

There is no guarantee that which topics will come out in Paper 2. Anyway, there is no harm for you to focus on the above topics because they are really popular exam topics.

Here are Chemistry Module Perfect Score 2010 which I found really useful for your final revision.
Get the answer scheme here.
Good luck and all the best to you.


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