Friday, October 23, 2009

Tactic That You Can Use To Score Better In Chemistry (Part 2)

Hi and welcome back. Today I am going to share with you about plans that you can use in order to score better in Chemistry. In order to make things simple, I will divide the plans into Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and Plan D. The four plans show the sequence that you can follow to master the exam format so that you can score better. First you need to get a SPM model test work book. I always recommend my students to start with the most difficult model test work book which is from Oxford Fajar. After finish the Oxford Fajar work book, you can continue with any model test work book from any publisher.

Plan A: Do only Paper 1 and Paper 3 from the work book until you finish all model tests in the work book
Plan B: Do only Section A in Paper 2 until you finish all model tests in the work book
Plan C: Do Section B and Section C until you finish all the model tests in the work book
Plan D: Get a new model test work book from another publisher and do the full papers until you finish all model tests in the work book

The whole process will take about 4 weeks to finish if you do it on a daily basics. Now let’s look at more details on what you should do in Plan A. If you still not so familiar with the subject, you might find yourself unable to answer almost all the questions. That is fine because that’s why you need to have strategy to learn better. Don’t give up too soon, you CAN DO IT! Start doing Paper 1 questions by referring to reference books. That is perfectly okay for you to answer Paper 1 while referring to books because this is also a learning process. There is one very important thing that you MUST do when answering Paper 1. That is to find proof for the answer given and write down whatever notes or facts that are related to the particular question. Repeat the process for every question that you are unsure about the answer. This might take some time to do these but it really worth the time because by doing the above, you are not only answering one particular question, you also learning other facts that are related to that question. I have tried this strategy with my students and most of my students score very well in their Trial Exam for Paper 1.

Now let’s talk about Paper 3. In order to score well in Paper 3, you need to know some answering techniques for Paper 3. You can learn the answering techniques from your chemistry teacher in school. I believe most of them know about the answering techniques for Paper 3. So, apply the answering techniques in Paper 3 and get your teacher to mark it for you. I strongly believe that your teacher will be more than happy to help you.

Therefore, repeat the same process for other Paper 1 and Paper 3 until you finish all model tests in your work book. Most model test work book consist of 5 model tests, you can finish them within two weeks time if you do it every day.

Your action steps:
1. Buy a chemistry SPM model test work book from your local book store.
2. Start answering one paper a day regardless you want to Paper 1 or Paper 3 but you must finish all of them in the work book.
3. Learn answering technique for Paper 3.
4. Get you chemistry teacher to mark Paper 3 for you.

Believe it or not, if you can master Paper 1 and Paper 3, you already gain 50% of the total score. Keep it up. I will be talking about action steps for Plan B in my coming post.

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